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Alvin P. Palecek

Alvin was a member of the Army Air Corps, attaining the rank of Corporal.  Alvin was a radioman on a cargo plane.

Alvin liked to surprise his family with unannounced visits when he could come home.  One time he had a friend who was a crop duster fly him home and land in a field next to his parents home by Waukau.  His family came out to see him walking across the field with his duffel bag.

Alvin was engaged to Naomi Weiss – and Naomi came to his parents home every Sunday for dinner during the war and for several years after.  Alvin wouldn't get married during the war, but always told his mom "don't worry about me, mom, I'm coming home."

Alvin was stationed in India and flew supplies over China to Burma.  Normally the Air Corps rotated crews home for leave after 50 missions, but because of shortages of crews, Alvin was on his 83rd mission with leave papers in his pocket.

The Army Air Corps flew in all weather.  But, in severe weather, the plane's engines weren't powerful enough to clear the mountain tops.  This area became known as the "aluminum trail", because of over 500 plane crashes.  Alvin's plane went down in bad weather along with several others that day.  The Air Corps changed their policy on flying in poor weather after that storm.

There were 13 crew and passengers that died that day.  Local missionaries saw the plane go down and tried to get to it, but the local indigenous people wouldn't let them near the plane.  The locals were cannibals and they stripped the plane of all equipment and bodies.

Alvin was listed as missing in action because a body was never found.  For years after the war, every time a crop duster came over, his mother would come outside hoping Alvin was coming home.